David M Roisen


from Dawson, MN

Also known as:
  • David Roisen
  • Dave Roisen
  • Mark Roisen
Phone and address:
3438 240Th St, Dawson, MN 56232

David Roisen Phones & Addresses

  • 3438 240Th St, Dawson, MN 56232 • 3207524737
  • Lawtey, FL
  • Hopkins, MN
  • 3438 240Th St, Dawson, MN 56232 • 3205839007


  • Position:
    Sales Occupations


Us Patents

  • Combine Grain Dryer And Drying Attachment

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  • US Patent:
    45092737, Apr 9, 1985
  • Filed:
    Apr 2, 1982
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    David Roisen - Dawson MN
  • International Classification:
    F26B 1720
  • US Classification:
    34 86
  • Abstract:
    A drying attachment for use with a combine (10) for harvesting grain is disclosed and claimed. The attachment includes a distributor receptacle (18) in which the shelled corn or other grain is received after being separated from cobs, husks, and other residue material. After being received in the receptacle (18), it is transferred through a plurality of drying tubes (20) to a storage bin (19). The residue material is burned in a furnace (22) which is carried by the combine (10). The heat thereby generated is conducted to the drying tubes (20) wherein moisture is absorbed from the grain passing through the tubes (20).
  • Collapsible Structure For Use With A Recreational Vehicle

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  • US Patent:
    44653166, Aug 14, 1984
  • Filed:
    Mar 29, 1982
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    David M. Roisen - Dawson MN
  • International Classification:
    B60P 332
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    An apparatus (10) for the attachment and storage of a collapsible structure (12) to a roof of a recreational vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus (10) includes a guide means (11) fastened to a container (35). Roller means (13) is fastened to the collapsible structure (12) to allow for slidably moving the collapsible structure on the guide means (11). To remove the collapsible structure (12) from the container (35) when in a stored position, the collapsible structure (12) is slid along the guide means (11) until the collapsible structure (12) is outside the container (35). The collapsible structure (12) is then allowed to rotate downward and the collapsible structure (12) is then unfolded. The roller means (13) is releaseably attached to the guide means (11) to provide a free-standing unit. In a first embodiment, the container (35) is constructed for an add-on attachment to the roof of a recreational vehicle.

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