John P Gronlie


from Minneapolis, MN

Also known as:
  • John Gronlie

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  • Minneapolis, MN

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  • Dock Bracket

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  • US Patent:
    40745376, Feb 21, 1978
  • Filed:
    May 18, 1977
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    John Peter Gronlie - Minneapolis MN
  • International Classification:
    F02B 320
  • US Classification:
    61 48
  • Abstract:
    A dock means for providing an elevated support and walking ramp over the surface of a body of water adjacent to shore which includes an elongated ramp having laterally disposed support stringers with a walking surface secured to the upper edge thereof. Cradle means are secured to the stringers with each member of each pair of cradles being secured in opposed relationship along the axis of the stringers. Sleeve means are secured to the cradle means, with the axis of the sleeve being disposed generally transverse to the axis of the stringers. Post means are arranged to be positioned laterally adjacent each of the cradle means for supporting the stringers, with the post means having pad means secured to the base. A second sleeve means is arranged to be vertically adjustably attached to the post. A third sleeve is secured to the second sleeve and is arranged to be held in continuation with the sleeve attached to the cradle means, and a cross-member support is arranged to be lockably received within the sleeve attached to the vertically adjustable sleeve.

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